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Where does natural form finish and artificial form begin? What do we consider to be original, if artificially created colours and materials appear familiar and natural? At second glance an everyday detail may occasionally transform into something exceptional. New technologies and ideas can create incredibly realistic objects. They allow seemingly organic forms to evolve, creating an impressive unfamiliar structure.


Seedeco products offer unlimited design potential. They are used in various manufacturing processes and different industrial branches by architects, landscape architects, landscape gardeners, community and city planners and contractors.

Glass is a unique substance that is chemically inert and shows very high resistance towards acids and bases. Furthermore glass possesses good heat insulation properties, high colour intensity and high colour stability. Glass is rot-proof and collects virtually no moss. The resources needed for its production are available in abundance and glass itself can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Additionally many Seedeco products are manufactured from recycling glass.

Glass Granules & Glass Blocks

Seedeco Glass Granules and Glass Blocks are manufactured from recycling glass and may be used in almost any application as a substitute for normal aggregate; usually they are seeded on the surface or used on top of it. They can be used as decorative mulch, for low water landscaping, water feature rocks, garden pathways, stepping stones or in decorative paver sand. Glass baskets can be used as visual shields, windbreaks, borders or design elements and lend themselves to split-levelling and the landscaping of hillsides.

Crystal Terrazzo

Seedeco Crystal Terrazzo is an innovative take on classic Terrazzo and stands for a patented system developed by SEEDECO for the fabrication of optically impressive floorings of the highest quality and stability.


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